A Rocky Road

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Fitness and I have a rocky past. In all my years of schooling, gym class was the most dreaded and number one cause of my anxiety and intense emotions. I am not coordinated. I hated sports and their competitive nature and I resented being forced to play them in class. The emotional turmoil that came with my gym class experiences led me to stay far away from anything physical. I stopped running trails with my Dad, something I had enjoyed when I was young. My 7th grade gym teacher passed me by one point at the end of the school year, most likely because she did not want to deal with me for longer than necessary. I remain very thankful for her generosity. 

Puberty changed everything for me. I became extremely aware of my body and everything that was wrong with it. As happens with adolescence, I was constantly comparing myself to others. Everything I perceived about my body did not match up to what our media and culture told me it should be. Body shame is a heavy burden to carry, especially when it starts at such a young age. 

In our twenties, two friends and I decided to do a triathlon together. That was a pivot point for my relationship with fitness. I realized, though difficult to get started, my body was designed to move. Moreso, I can do hard things with the encouragement and accountability of friends. My siblings, Dad, and I started running together again. A few years later, I was living in the DR as a missionary. I had put on weight due to the changes of transition, food, stress, and thyroid disease. A friend and I started running together. It was a glorious routine of self-care and friendship. We even ran a couple of 10ishKs (Read about the first here), of which I had never fathomed having the willpower or ability to accomplish in my life.

My re-entry period after life overseas was rough. On top of all the adjustments, losses, transitions, and emotions that process brings, I had also lost my running buddy. Running (and any activity) alone only made me sad and discouraged. So I stopped. 

By now I was in my mid-thirties and my body was changing again. I put on inches fast, my thyroid was out of balance again (which creates a simultaneous host of problems), my adrenals were struggling, and I was reacting to almost every food I was putting into my body. I eventually was diagnosed with some major food allergies and had to make some pretty big changes. I had been eating Paleo style and pretty clean since healing from a major gut infection while in the DR and was feeling like I had finally had a good handle on my eating and nutrition. These food allergies, though they explained a lot, added an incredibly frustrating new layer to things. I started following (mostly) the Autoimmune Paleo protocol, which eliminated a lot of reactive foods.

A year ago last June, I found myself in another cycle of feeling stuck. I was eating so clean, but had basically eliminated carbs for a few years, which I did not know my body needed. I started gaining inches fast. I was incredibly inflamed. My body was begging me for a change.

As a health coach, I knew what I needed to take control of my health. I did not need another diet program (because diets set us up for failure!). I needed a sustainable lifestyle that supports science based whole food nutrition. I needed something that focuses on non-scale victories (because the scale is a liar!), progress over perfection, and food freedom. I needed community, encouragement, accountability, and support. I found all of that when I joined the FASTer Way to Fat Loss one year ago in June. This program has been extremely beneficial for my overall health: 

  • I’ve learned that I have been under-eating for years.

  • I've learned that my body (and my thyroid!) thrives on intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and fueling with the proper balance of fat, protein, and carbs. 

  • I have more energy and way less inflammation.

  • I have confidence- in who I am, in my body, in daily life.

  • The 30 minute workouts tailored to every fitness level are perfect for someone with a tendency to give up (me!).

  • I have found a supportive community that encourages, motivates, and helps keep each other accountable. 

  • Most importantly, I have learned to love and care for my body, experience food freedom, shed the weight of years of body shame and perfectionism, and routinely practice giving myself grace and extending it to others. 

This June, I am celebrating my non-scale victories, one of which is becoming a certified FASTer Way coach! I will be running my first round starting on June 15th and would love for you to join me in this incredible community.

Are you longing for more energy, for community, for encouragement as you learn to support your whole health? Do you long to feel healthy and whole? You will gain all of that and more in the FASTer Way! I'm here to walk alongside you in every step!

I am happy to discuss any and all aspects of this program further with you, so please reach out to me with any questions! 

Learn more or register here: https://www.fasterwaycoach.com/#Katiegreen

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